Click here to open the flyer

Click here to open the flyer

Your help is needed in marketing the Silent “no more!” Auction.   Select 2 actions you will take and share that information in the comments section below, so we do not duplicate efforts.

1.  Extend a personal invitation to everyone on your database – friends, colleagues, professional contacts/service providers (e.g., doctors, lawyers, hair dressers, owners of small businesses you frequent)

2. Email an invitation to prior guests, recipients of awards (Founders, scholarships), etc.
Note to Secretary / Treasurer: Need to gather this data at point of contact and keep it current.

3.  Follow up on emailed press release sent to editors/reporters of local papers – in person or with a phone call:
Springfield Republican: DONE Kate Roy |, | (PalmerBureauChief (413) 788-1304)
Turley Publications:   Belchertown |Ludlow |Palmer
Reminder Publications:

4.  Complete online event notifications OR email radio/TV community contacts:
New England Public Radio:
Channel 22
ABC 40
Channel 3
Contact television newscasters/reporters directly who typically cover like-minded stories

5.  Invite a government/local official, Police /Fire department representative to the event.  Their presence will say a lot about their position on domestic violence.

6.  Invite another organization (Girl Scouts, etc.) to the event
Be aware of potential organizations that could partner with us. Establish a relationship.

7.  Send out message on whatever social media you use – facebook, twitter, etc.

8.  If you are attending a local event where Zontians may be able to participate, ask to set up an information table so you can share our best practices, discuss benefits of participating in our club, etc.

9.  Other idea:

10.  Other idea:


  1. Mary Knight says:

    I will do (1) extend personal invitation, (3) Kate Roy interview, (4) New England Public Radio, (5) invite Police Chief Fran Fox, (7) send message on my facebook account.

  2. Pam says:

    I’ll do #1, #4 (NEPR & Channel 22), and #7.

  3. Pam says:

    NEPR and Channel 22 have been submitted!

  4. Dana says:

    I will do #1 and #7 🙂 As far as #6 goes, I have a friend who’s involved in Girls Inc. I would be happy to contact her and through her that organization if anyone thinks that is a good idea/hasn’t been done?

  5. Loretta says:

    I will post flyer at Palmer Public Library and extend invitation to my Board of Directors. Personally asking (face-to-face) your friends and associates is also a very effective way to sell more tickets.

  6. Dana says:

    Okay, I sent a flyer to my friend at Girl’s Inc. and she is going to pass it around over there.

  7. Carolyn Braskie says:

    On 4/30/14, I filled out forms for MIX 93-1, KIX 100.9, and WHYN News Talk 560. Also sent information to Channel 3 CBS Springfield. Also retried to post the Pupek/Albertson Auction Facebook post today…..was successful.

    On 4/30/14 spoke with a local paper editor. Perhaps we will get lucky in having the paper’s presence at our Auction. No promises.

    Dropped an Auction flyer in a raffle for the Links to Libraries last evening. Used it as a business card. Well, stranger things have been successful…….

  8. white pages says:

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