May/June 2015 Newsletter

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Leadership in Zonta of Quaboag Valley 2015-2016

Lisa Sedelow, President lisa

As your president, my goals are to:

  1. Promote awareness to the public – the what, who, why and where of Zonta, our mission and objectives.
  2. Lead with focus and passion by listening to member needs and ideas, and showing gratitude and support for members’ personal and Zonta accomplishments. Zonta member satisfaction is top priority to ensure that time spent devoted to service projects and meetings is of the highest quality and value.
  3. Grow membership and community awareness by outreach and invitation.

I appreciate your feedback and your support as we dedicate 2015-2016 to a year of “conviction, commitment and courage”. If you are proud to be a Zontian, spread the word!

Christina Guinasso, Vice President

Christina GuinassoIn the coming year it is my hope that Lisa and I, as President & Vice President, are able to help strengthen our group. I think that the membership committee will hold a vital role in the coming year by increasing support in attracting new members.

My goals:

To encourage continuity in our advocacy efforts

To increase our membership by at least 10%

To support and encourage my fellow Zontians

To create an environment that makes others curious about Zonta

We are a strong group and whatever we can do to increase our numbers will only make us stronger and give us the ability to give more back to our community in a manner that aligns with our common goals through advocacy for women.





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