“TOP 10” Reasons to Join ZI

topten#10 FUN: When we are working hard (and we usually are) we are having fun enjoying one another’s company, enjoying the work we do and feeling good about the effort!  The International factor is remarkable too. We have an opportunity to meet women from all over the world at biannual conventions in Italy, Australia, Sweden, France, the Netherlands… this year we are back in the US:  Orlando, Florida.

#9 DIVERSE: Nurses, teachers, accountants, executives, artists, community leaders, moms, grandmoms, and future moms, “young at heart” and young in years! We are a diverse group – more than 3300 members in 68 countries – that shares a common vision and a common passion to help women and girls around the world.

#8 ACTIVE: There aren’t enough hours in the day for women like us who find it hard to say “no”. From sponsoring education seminars … to honoring women of distinction… to organizing events that raise funds for important projects.  We are a busy bunch that gets a lot accomplished with limited resources but a lot of energy and enthusiasm!  

#7 REWARDING: It feels good to help. By being a part of Zonta we know that we are working to change women’s lives in small and large ways. There is nothing more rewarding that the knowledge that your efforts are improving the status of women, economically, socially and educationally.

#6 GROWING: We are spreading the word and more and more women are joining to share in our world. Good news travels fast! Our club continues to attract successful women.

#5 PROUD: As members of the Zonta Club of Quaboag Valley we take pride in our accomplishments and in one another. We are proud of our club’s local work and of the amazing work that we help Zonta International realize world-wide in partnership with United Nations agencies and UNIFEM 

#4 SUPPORTIVE: We support one another and women and girls throughout our local and world-wide community. There are plenty of educational and leadership opportunities. Through friendship, inspiration and a shared passion we are mentors who inspire one another to be the best that we can be.

#3 CARING: We give hours of our time, our resources and our talent because we care. Individually and collectively we genuinely care about women and girls and the lives they lead. Our concern has helped women return to the works force, support their families, overcome abuse and inspire their daughters to build for a better future.

#2 ADVOCATING: Not only are we reaching out to help with financial resources and hands-on support but we are also raising our voices to become advocates for women around the world.  From our small corner of Massachusetts we are stepping up to spread the word, educate our community and effect change. For that we are proud!   We invite you to explore our website as well as ZontaDistrict1.org and Zonta.org.

#1 PASSIONATE: It all adds up to our passion. Our team work and vision come from that inner drive that we all share and use so effectively to become a force in the community and the world.


Prospective Member Resources:

Membership FAQs – information about what is involved
Member Questionnaire – form for applying for membership

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